Official resonances of the “Film and Architecture” show, which took place in co-operation with the Prague Gallery.
Entrance free! You can observe this event in our Facebook, too.

4:00 PM Unfinished Spaces
5:30 PM Torre David
6:00 PM Mumbai
6:15 PM Gran Horizonte
7:00 PM Concrete Stories

Unfinished Spaces

Directed by: Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murray
USA, 2011, 86 minutes, documentary, in Spanish and English, with English subtitles
This ambitious project of the Cuban National School of Arts, projected by three young artists immediately after the victory of the Castro's revolution, has been forgotten for many years to be finally recovered as a visionary architectural work. By means of intimate shots of Fidel Castro, the film Unfinished Spaces refers to his effort to establish a global shop window of art and, at the same time, it documents a fight and passion of three revolutionary artists.

Torre David
Directed by: Markus Kneer and Daniel Schwartz
Venezuela / Switzerland, 2013, 22 minutes, documentary, in Spanish, with English subtitles
The skyscraper David in Caracas is an improvised home of 750 families, a vertical slum and the largest squat in the world. How do people live in it?

Mumbai: Maximum City Under Pressure
Directed by: Markus Kneer, Daniel Schwartz
Switzerland, 2014, 15 minutes, documentary, in English
In the course of an international symposium, world architects and city planners think of the development of the 18-million Mumbai. Is it possible to find a sustainable urban concept in slums where everyone is an architect of his/her own?

Gran Horizonte: Around the Day in 80 Worlds
Directed by: Martin Andersson, Daniel Schwartz
Switzerland, 2014, 45 minutes, documentary, in English
Visual essay of the interdisciplinary association, Urban Think Tank, is a telling compilation of materials shot three years in the metropolises of the third world.

Concrete stories
Directed by: Lorenz Findeisen
Czech Republic / France, 2014, 72 minutes, documentary, In Czech and French, with Czech subtitles
A film on French roots of the prefab concrete slabs that have been designed by French construction engineer Raymond Camus and that have metamorphosed in dwellings of one third of East European inhabitants. A pan-European story about people, private space, aesthetics, and common interests of various countries irrespective of their ideological confession.