Laufen CZ and the Endowment fund Kapka naděje/”Drop of Hope” have helped with the reconstruction of bathrooms of children's departments in 10 hospitals throughout the Czech Republic, totalling at CZK 1,045,296. The president of the Fund, Ms. Vendula Svobodová, and the CEO of Laufen CZ, Mr. Ladislav Dvořák, were delighted to state that, contrary to the original agreement, it was succeeded in increasing this co-operation by CZK 200,000. And they agreed on the continuation of this successful co-operation even in the years to come.

Prague, January 22nd, 2013 – Laufen CZ, who represents the brands Laufen, Roca, and Jika on the Czech market, have helped, within the five-year existence of the charitable project (from April 28th, 2008 to December 31st, 2012), with the reconstruction of bathrooms and toilets according to the needs of hospitals, selected on the basis of the recommendation of the Endowment fund Kapka naděje/”Drop of Hope”, throughout the whole Czech Republic. The value of the project reached CZK 1,045,296. In the Gallery of Laufen bathroom in Prague, the symbolic cheque was taken over from the hands of the CEO of Laufen CZ, Mr. Ladislav Dvořák, by the president of the Fund, Ms. Vendula Svobodová. On the other hand, together with the director of the Fund, Ms. Elen Švarcová, they handed over to Mr. Ladislav Dvořák and to Ms. Ingrid Hejkalová, manager of marketing and communication of Laufen CZ, a letter of thanks of the Fund for the highly valuable co-operation.

The Fund was approached by 10 hospitals with their requirements: the University Hospital in Olomouc, University Hospital in Brno, Masaryk hospital in Ústí nad Labem, Hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou, Infant and children's centre in Valašské Meziříčí, University Hospital in Ostrava, Hospital in Žatec, Hospital in Kyjov, General University Hospital in Prague, and the Town Hospital in Litoměřice. Their representatives estimated particularly the complete product offer, which is at disposal to Laufen CZ, being a part of the world leader Roca on the market of sanitary ceramics and complete equipment of bathrooms, including technical assistance. Without dispute, an important role has been played therein also by the offer of a special product line; i.e. of complete bathrooms for handicapped users, sanitary ceramics arranged for the needs of wheelchair users, and of other physically limited persons, with a number of necessary handrails, tilting mirrors or chairs for shower enclosures. Naturally, main interest was focused on children's toilets, shower enclosures, ceramic sinks etc.

“With pleasure, we have noticed factual results in the course of the previous years, i.e. gradual reconstructions of bathrooms for child patients in various hospitals in the whole Czech Republic. We were delighted by the interest in our products as well as by the satisfaction with this kind of assistance. And I am very glad that we have agreed upon this assessment with Ms. Vendula Svobodová, president of Kapka naděje/”Drop of Hope”, when closing this project. In the nearest time we will meet above a new project that would be aimed to further improving conditions of curing the smallest patients”, Mr. Dvořák said.