After a vast reconstruction, the door of the Brno functionalist Villa Tugendhat has been opened for public again. A group of leading architects laid out a common goal: replicas finalized to the last detail and maximum authenticity of the space. This challenge has been also very successfully adopted by the Znojmo ceramic plant of Laufen under the supervision of the designer, Mr. Daniel Piršč.

The whole bathroom reconstruction was made more difficult by the lack of original equipment. Masters for the replicas have thus become real photos of washbasins from German archives, a private bidet of a Brno restorer, or a toilet and double sink from the collection of the Brno City Council. “We scanned all physical masters and made models of them for the production of cast moulds. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in finding out a physical master for one of the washbasins; for its manufacture, we used the 3D technology”, the designer Piršč explains. The manufacture of the final casts, the same as the whole production process, was supervised by experienced masters from the Znojmo Laufen. “Great thanks to them for their excellent work”, Daniel Piršč adds.

In order to achieve the maximum authenticity and flawless appearance, a great stress was laid on the technological solution. “It was not, for example, simple to harmonize the tint of the glaze of the washbasins and of the facings of the bathrooms due to the fact that the colour looks different on daylight and under artificial lighting”, the designer Piršč explains.

The equipment of the Villa Tugendhat meets functional aesthetic demands of the present times. “It is yet unbelievable how favourably individual pieces affect a man. They are still timeless and to a certain sense modern”, the designer adds.